Wawa Inc. has been operating for more than two centuries, making it one of the oldest companies in the United States. Thanks to MyWawaVisit, customers can now express their thoughts on the company’s customer service.


The history of Wawa Inc. dates back to 1803. At that time, it was an iron foundry in New Jersey. Eventually, the company relocated to Pennsylvania and rebranded as a dairy farm. In the 1920s, the business grew and adopted the slogan “Buy Health by the Bottle”.

As more people began to purchase milk directly from stores in the 1960s, milk home delivery businesses began to decline. Consequently, the company rebranded itself once again by opening its first convenience store. Along with their home brands, Wawa also offered other foods and beverages, diversifying the Wawa menu.

From chips and sandwiches to iced tea and coffee, Wawa offers a wide range of food products. For a short period from 1994-1996, Wawa even sold Pizza Hut and Taco Bell products. Many of the products that made Wawa famous are still being sold, such as milk and sub sandwiches. There are new items on Wawa’s menu periodically, which can be viewed online on its website.


In 1995, they introduced an ATM in their stores that had no surcharges, as well as a phone application that provided information on gas prices, helped you locate a store, and allowed you to pay by phone.

As of today, Wawa Inc. operates gas stations and convenience stores throughout the East Coast. Wawa locations are located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Florida. In 2008, Wawa became the largest convenience store chain in Greater Philadelphia, as well as the third-largest retailer of food in the region, after ACME Markets and ShopRite.